Hi, there!

 I'm Dana.




Most days you can find me running around with my 4 kids, listening to podcasts in my earbuds and trying to squeeze creativity in wherever I can without having the health department show up. :)


People might refer to me as a feisty girl with dreams and a touch of ADD.  They might also mention my snark and the occasional inappropriate comment.


I love serving the world by using my words to remind my fellow sisters of how magical they are and that they are not trapped.  They can fly.


I'm most passionate about cutting out the filters and talking about the grit in life, loving my people well, chasing beauty in all forms and cheering my sisters on.


I create products for women who don't fit in a box, but sometimes need a little help showing that to the world.  I'm drawn to people who are looking for a place to take off their bra, get comfy and be fully themselves - whether that means pursuing a passion, shaking off hang-ups or finding a place for lifestyle and small biz talk.

When I'm not creating in my shop, you can catch me thrifting whenever I can, planning fake trips, decorating my house, and sipping on something delicious. 


If you're interested in hearing more, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

1. I played trumpet for 14 years, got a music degree and then quit playing

2. I was on Modern Mrs. Darcy's podcast (ep 125) where she tries hard to steer me away from Netflix and towards books

3. I DETEST mouth noises (misophonia sufferers unite! with our mouths closed!)

4. I'm an enneagram 7w8 and an INFP (I think?)

5. I'd love to write a book one day


Still here?  You're my people!  Let's connect.

(Plus, I'll send you 15% off.  I'm not ashamed to bribe my friends. :) )